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They are beautiful,cutie,fresh, sum it all, the B&G just looked gorgeous and the wedding venue,arrangements,and guests all turned up perfectly well to graze the wedding and add colorful spark to everything. And special thanks goes to the professional photographers from Artlook Studios,they really captured every special moment of this wedding. We are glad to share glimpse of this wedding with you, please enjoy........
The Couple:
Clearson & Ashley
Photos, by Artlook:
The wedding rings form a vital part of the wedding preparations. Have you ever wondered what will happen at the wedding without the rings! Let's not think about it, better to keep everything ready and avoid any disappointments.
The bride's preparations
How happy she feels to get things ready for her Big Day!
The Bride paying keen attention on adorning herself very well for her special one
Little help from her precious friend to get things ready
Beautifully adorned in her unique wedding dress
And she's fully ready and eagerly anticipating for that special moment to confirm her unfading love for her beloved groom.
The Groom
Smiling and patiently waiting for that special moment to say....."I DOOOOOOOO",every B&G so deeply anticipate these moments with all eagerness, the best moments in life that opens the way for the couple to start a new way of life together forever.
The Ceremony
The moment has arrived to make that vow and seal it with an exchange of rings.
Exchanging vows and wedding rings
The special moment that they will remember and reflect upon for the rest of their life's together.
A successful bonding in love as one.
And it's official!
Couple enjoying special moments together
Awesome Couple....So cutie and beautiful together,romantically looking deeply into each others eyes. Just imagine what is going through their minds at this special moment..." finally we made it,we are one my love,lets enjoy our marital bliss together".
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