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Marriage Should Be a Permanent Bond!
Bride and Groom exchanging marital vows.
JUDGING by the conclusion of many movies, marriage is a desirable goal. Often, the man and the woman finally get together, get married, and live “happily ever after.” In films, that is usually the end of the story.In reality, the wedding is, not the end, but the beginning of a new life together.

Couple very happy for a successful marriage ceremony.
A Permanent BondFarsightedness is needed. A marriage must have solid foundations if it is to last and be satisfying. Otherwise, the stress experienced after the wedding can be much greater than the stress before it. A couple cannot enter marriage thinking: ‘If it doesn’t work out, I can always divorce.’ Marriage is to be viewed as a permanent bond.

Beautiful Bride enjoying some special moments with her crew on her big day.
After the Wedding Day
Marriage is the public declaration of commitment to another person—forever. It is unthinkable to forge a marriage bond while having serious reservations. Therefore, those contemplating marriage do well to examine carefully the prospective mate’s beliefs, goals, attitudes, and disposition. In preparing for the wedding, kindness, thoughtfulness, and the spirit of cooperation are important. Such qualities are even more important afterward in making the marriage a success. The newlyweds are in love, but after marriage it has to be remembered that on a daily basis, love “does not look for its own interests.” When applied consistently year after year, “love never fails.” With an abiding love, such qualities as long-suffering, kindness, goodness, mildness, and self-control—will be easier to demonstrate. These qualities are necessary for a successful marriage.

Couple enjoying a nice dance to a beautiful song.
The difficult part is continuing to manifest such qualities after the wedding day. However, the secret to success in manifesting such good qualities is this: Love the person you married, and be willing to make sacrifices. A married person’s closest neighbor is his or her marriage partner, for nothing on earth can unite two individuals as marriage can. However, a mere physical union in itself cannot guarantee emotional harmony. The union of two bodies is not always the union of two minds. For the sexual union to give maximum satisfaction, there also has to be the second—the union of hearts and of intentions. More often than not, making sacrifices for the other person is the price that needs to be paid to make marriage a success. Who should make the sacrifices? The husband? The wife? Both, should be willing and ready to do it.

Couple enjoying some fun moments together.
If you can, make the sacrifice before your mate asks it of you please be happy to do it, it promotes unity. After all, something obtained after repeated requests has already lost part of its value. Instead, each partner in a marriage should cultivate the habit of taking the initiative in showing honor to the other.Have fun together at different times.
A perfect bond of union.
Although the institution of marriage has suffered attack in recent years, in the long run, marriage will survive because it was instituted by God and everything he ordains is “very good.” It will not become outdated. And it can be successful, especially among those who respect and uphold God’s commandments. But the challenge is: Will the two individuals hold true to the promise they made on the wedding day to love and to cherish each other? That can certainly be a challenge, and you may have to struggle to come off victorious. But the results will be worth the effort!
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