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There are various opportunities for a festive and seasonal fall wedding, but this colorful, fun filled wedding event between two beautiful, loving Bride and Groom will surely fill your heart with Joy.
Beautiful New York Weddings.
In life there will always be moments we never want to forget, moments we desire to remember forever, moments that makes us look into the eyes of our loved one and say the words: " Always and forever your's."
Couple enjoying some stylish photography shoots.
The desire for companionship grows increasingly stronger when a man and woman keep drawing more closer to each other. It all get to the point when they both decide to get married. They eventually form a strong bond together, a bond formed with love.
The Ceremony
The moment every Bride and Groom eagerly desires, to have that unique opportunity to express their in-depth love for each other.
Couple Exchanging Wedding Rings.
The bold and courageous step. Long before this moment they both searched different stores for a unique set of wedding rings, now the moment have arrived to seal their vow to love each other forever with the wedding ring.
Officially bonded together with love.
What  a successful wedding ceremony! Couple So deeply in-love with each other, filled with enormous Joy.
Couple very happy on their big day.
Couple enjoying entertaining moments with guests, it's such a special day for them and their highly esteemed friends.
Beautiful and Exciting New York Wedding.
Couple enjoying every bit of their big day with friends. Moments they will cherish forever together.
Cutting the cake.
Couple displaying unity while cutting the cake.

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